Our Story

"Learning through play" is the Company's mission since 2017 - we facilitate this by creating fun and engaging Welsh toys which bring the Welsh language to the forefront of your home's family life. All of our toys represent a part of our Welsh culture and Welshness. The Company started almost by accident when our daughter Cari (who's 5 now) was a baby back in 2016, and struggled to sleep. We created a musical singing star for her and her alone made from a cloth and and a card sound module, and she loved it. Our friends and family loved it to. And so a star was born! Seren is now Wales' most loved Welsh toy, and is a "must have" in any welsh home of youngsters!

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When the Seren was about to sell out we went on to create Draigi (singing Welsh dragon) (inspired by our second child Mabon - a real dragon lover!).  Draigi was once again a big hit, and a symbol of Wales and Welshness and is drawn into every rugby  and St David's day picture with a little one going. Another "national treasure" that we are so proud of. Draigi has now also sold out but we are working on making more. Helo Heddiw! (the welsh magnetic calendar) has been the most recent product launched on the market - inspired by "lockdown" and homeschooling a 3 and 5 year old. Helo Heddiw! is now a great addition to our daily life and the children update the calendar every morning at breakfast time whilst going to get milk from the fridge! It has been a huge hit in Wales and is also available in local Welsh shops.



We are a family run Company passionate about bringing the Welsh language into your home through our love of creating fun Welsh toys since 2017, created with little ones in mind, but loved by all ages! "Learning through play" is the objective of our Welsh toys, and with around 15,000 of our products now sold worldwide, our toys have become "must have" items for any welsh speaking child anywhere in the world.

Photos by Simcowithax - https://www.simcowithax.co.uk/post/si-lwli-cymru-meet-the-family-behind-the-first-welsh-singing-toy